Art Gleason:
Research description and results

The overall goals of my current research projects are to develop new methods of seabed mapping and to use those methods for ecological assessment of coral reef resources. Three complementary projects are underway, each working at a different spatial scale. One project maps the distribution of Acorpora palmata (elkhorn coral) using airborne hyperspectral imagery. A second project locates suitable grouper habitat using ship-based acoustic techniques. The third project uses video mosaicing technology to map individual plots (10-20 meters on a side) in very high detail (millimeter resolution).

Highlights of the results of these projects include:

A) Airborne hyperspectral mapping

B) Ship-based acoustic mapping

C) Diver mapping with video and multispectral imagery

The immediate application of these technological advances is coral reef ecology, but the mapping tools also could be used in other areas of ocean exploration or coastal resource management.

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Computing Notes

A collection of experiences and example code that others might find useful.

My experience with the MATLAB Parallel Computing Toolbox

How I got Spotlight/mds/mdimporter to give me back my CPU.

Workaround for the "error code -43" problem when mounting SMB shares on OSX 10.5.

A MS Word template for formatting a University of Miami dissertation or thesis. Note: this format was valid spring 2009. Check the grad school web site ( ) to make sure this document matches with the latest specifications. Also note: I haven't finished with the description of numbering figures, so check back for that.

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