Research Interests

Our research interests focus on investigating device physics and photophysics of organic and organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite materials and structures. Such fundamental study can be useful design motif to realize high-performance and low-cost optoelectronic devices. We utilize ultrafast laser spectroscopy to understand carrier dynamics and synchrotron based X-ray techniques to characterize materials structure. Combining with the study on device physics, we seek to better understand basic physics, chemistry, and potential application of next-generation solar cells, light-emitting diodes, transistors, and lasers.

         Interest 1: Device Physics
  • Efficient, stable, large-area metal halide perovskite solar cell devices
  • Device physics such as interfacial engineering and carrier dynamics
  • Interfacial engineering in organic electronics

                       Interest 2: Photophysics
  • Carrier dynamics using transient absorption and reflection speoctroscopy in perovskite materials
  • Photophysical properties, such as carrier spin lifetime, energy transfer, charge transfer, coherent phonon, etc, in metal halide perovskite materials

        Interest 3: Characterization
  • Structure characterization via XRD and synchrotron based X-ray techniques
  • Structure-photophysics-function relationship of perovskite materials and solar cells